Photography – Getting My Start and What’s Coming Up


In 2010 I picked up my first DSLR camera and took to the vacation streets of Australia trying to figure out how to work it.  I loved it and loved the photos and have spent several years now on this path learning and improving on my technique for landscape and portraits and getting a little more creative with model sessions and using Lightroom for editing.

I am thrilled to be moving to NANOOSE BAY to start taking clients full time, year round for all sorts of photo sessions as of August 2018.  I will be pursuing my photography full time and am excited to connect with new Vancouver Island clients for portraits, weddings, real estate and commercial photos.


This blog is my new avenue to take a deeper dive into sharing much more than a single photo or paragraph, and incorporates a lot of other pieces of my life that I spend time on such as enjoying all that Beautiful BC has to offer for artists, restaurants, towns and the great outdoors.

I have tried a little bit of everything for Photography but find that I truly enjoy Commercial Stock Photo projects, Family Portraits and Weddings.  And of course i LOVE landscape, animal and nature photography and spend a great deal of time around BC and anywhere I travel, capturing what I find, or sometimes just taking a lot of photos of my pets (such as Goose the bunny and his hopping friends pictured here).


My style tends to be Big Picture & Little Things.  I grab my wide angle and set to F20 and work at wide, detailed beautiful landscapes that put you in the full space of the moment.  Or I take a break and the Macro lens comes out to capture close ups of the little details at the base of a tree or in the water.

Many of the images on this website are the favourites from each day or each trip that I have taken, and I do often share these images for sale in hopes that people will enjoy my art and spaces as much as I have enjoyed wandering through them.  Art Prints can be found HERE if you are interested.

I am now working my way into being a full time Photographer on Vancouver Island when we move in 2019, and taking Wedding bookings through out Southern BC and Vancouver Island, please check out my work at ALANNADPHOTO.COM for booking sessions and viewing my portfolio and rates.

Wedding Day Details

Here are just a few samples of the fine art moments I have captured and loved experiencing, the images will connect you to the art page where they are available to purchase as Phone Cases, Prints and More.

Aug2017-364Lions Gate BridgeJasper View-1


birch trees art for sale