A Different Side of Mexico

Off the Beaten Path Mexico - Alanna D Photography
The dirt road leading to our condo

I am the traveller who looks for the easiest possible last minute vacations with the criteria of seeing somewhere new with beautiful scenery or great foodie experiences.  In the Caribbean we generally try a new country each trip as we only travel every year or two,  but we always stick to the resorts for ease (and safety).   We have travelled to Mexico just once before, to the Mayan Riviera, but this spring our newest Mexico trip, we were invited to enjoy something totally out of our element for travel – a condo retreat in a surf town on the Baja coast.  This surf village is the total opposite side of the country from the mega resorts of the Mayan, and a totally different landscape, ocean and vibe in the artsy, farm villages we visited.

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On the Road to New Adventures

Botanical Beach Port Renfrew
Botanical Beach Port Renfrew

This week marks the end to 9-5 for me as we are moving to Vancouver Island permanently.   My body has been telling me for a few years that it needs more activity, more outdoors and less consistent sitting & computer time, mostly due to an accident caused by a careless driver that still plagues me (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON”T TEXT AND DRIVE!!)

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Fresh air and a Macro Lens


These past few months are building up to a LOAD of change in every aspect of my life and business.  I have been reading about and spending  a load of time in nature lately, mostly just me alone with my dog, as I try to get a breath through everything we have on the go this year.  Just thinking about it is exhausting and generally nature and looking at the little things is my favourite way to unwind.   Most of the time I don’t actually bring my camera with me, I go to observe the micro organisms, mushrooms, stones, leaves and walk really slowly and might take a few phone photos of things I want to identify later.  Even on vacation when I get tired of the beach chair, I am found poking around in gardens and landscapes looking for little things.

Then comes the other energizing bit of nature, which is actually bringing one of my foraging guides, or my camera and macro lens and starting to really get into the finest details of the tiny nature things and creatures and I just focus, so much so that I often miss the big forest views or distant ocean sights as I am crouched down with a tripod staring at beautiful things just inches ahead.    Breaking out that macro lens is the ultimate moment of appreciating the little things in life (for me), and in general I don’t share most of these images as I am more excited by the big grand landscapes, that i forget to share the little things.


This post is about the little things. Here are a few favourites from past and recent nature wanderings, those little nature and garden moments from all seasons, and surprisingly most of the frost images are from BC, not my years in frozen Northern Alberta.

As always please share or comment on your favourites!

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Memories & Smiles ~ Favourite family portraits of 2017 by Alanna D Photography

This year we welcomed a new niece, a new nephew and a new godson into our family, in addition to many little ones welcomed by our friends and colleagues.  I am so happy to have been a part of making beautiful memorable photos for all the little ones and families that I worked with this year for portraits, along with a couple sneaky selfies on vacation.H2017-404

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Super 7 Black and White Landscapes 2017

A few years ago I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with reknown Canadian photographer Dave Brosha of Dave Brosha Photography.  As a self taught, modest and incredibly talented photographer, Dave has taught me, and so many photographers, to come out of our comfort zones and embrace new skills, such as off camera lighting and working with models, while also being creative in the most drab or strange of backgrounds to work with.    Continue reading Super 7 Black and White Landscapes 2017

Grand Canyon ~ just get in the car and drive (away from Vegas)

Did you know that in just over 2 hours, you can sneak away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip and find yourself in a scenic viewpoint that looks so surreal you would swear it was a green screen in your photo backgrounds?  We knew it was out there but on our third trip to Vegas it was finally time to rent a car for the day and make the trip out to the West Grand Canyon and see what we could find along the way.

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Cuba with the Locals

Cuba is one of those places set back in time, maintaining it’s culture and authenticity and the feeling that everyone comes together as one large family, at least that’s how it was in 2015 when we made our trip, just before the US lifted the embargo.

Our journey to Cuba was for a friend’s wedding, and the groom happened to be a local Cuban, now living in Canada, so not only did we get to enjoy this new destination for it’s beautiful tourist destination, but we also experienced the feeling of Cuba + family and how everyone comes together to love and to share.      Continue reading Cuba with the Locals

Maui Love

Ho'okipa Beach Park in Paia - Alanna D Photography

If you’ve ever met anyone who has been to Maui, Hawaii, then generally their first statement is “Maui! I LOVE Maui” followed by a big pile of advice to help you plan your vacation.  I was so thrilled to receive detailed hand-noted maps of the islands with recommendations for the best food, best places to see the Turtles (Goal #1 for me) and best beaches to relax.  And I SO appreciated all the tips and advice, and now would like to share in return. Continue reading Maui Love