Alanna Dumonceaux Art Photographer

Photographer – Alanna D Photography 

Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Photographer, Nature Lover, Rock Hound, Organic Gardener, Animal Lover & Rescue Volunteer, Vintage Treasure seeker, and Home & Commercial Space Designer, she has multi-channel creative activities on the go all the time.  Alanna is constantly exploring the outdoors for new photography experiences, spending hours on Etsy picking perfect custom wedding and baby gifts for friends, scouring the beach for stones for crafts and her Etsy store and taking workshops to just try something new.

This year has been a full year of growth as an artist, full time photographer and now a wannabe farmer while we develop our new dream acreage into a truly special place for guests and photography moments.

Vancouver Island Photography is my outlet for the art and creative side of my photography and a place to share travel stories and hopefully start sharing photo tours and experiences with clients.

If you are an art and photography lover, please give me a follow over on Facebook and Instagram too!

I am always willing to host a guest and show off some locals spots for treasured Vancouver island photo destinations, just message me for ideas or to book a personal tour or unique portrait session on your vacation.

Portraits & Weddings and more of my work is available Alanna D Photography

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