On the Road to New Adventures

Botanical Beach Port Renfrew
Botanical Beach Port Renfrew

This week marks the end to 9-5 for me as we are moving to Vancouver Island permanently.   My body has been telling me for a few years that it needs more activity, more outdoors and less consistent sitting & computer time, mostly due to an accident caused by a careless driver that still plagues me (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON”T TEXT AND DRIVE!!)

I have discovered in recent years that I do in fact have a creative eye and a green thumb, both of which I thought were broken when i tried to take up painting and tried to grow BC plants in northern Alberta… so this new adventure is the big unknown of no routine while we build up our farm, my photography business, and chase the local outdoors much closer to home and hopefully find a routine that heals my physical issues and leads to exciting things

First step is to move into our new house in Nanoose where we will have a hobby farm, my indoor photo studio and our own little retreat just a short distance from the beach and cities.  And of course the goats, I have promised everyone that goats will be our first addition to the farm… following fence installation… and we are doing a farmstay this month just to learn the extra things we don’t yet know about goats. Here are a couple photos of the backyard…

Ever thankful to my husband for all of his support through healing and discovery that it’s time to do something new, and time to settle into our dream home!  Keep following for more garden and photo adventures on Vancouver Island!

Thank you for reading.  Please take a moment to enjoy my fine art gallery too if you are looking for local art, phone cases etc with images from BC and travels.

Here are a few more close to home images from Vancouver Island – full disclosure, I need to get out more as most of these are from our annual Tofino and Ucluelet trips.

Ucluelet Seaweed
Even the seaweed looks artsy in Ucluelet
Nanaimo Sea Lion Migration
Nanaimo Sea Lion Migration
Eagles in Flight
If you throw the salmon heads they will come
Lighthouse Trail Ucluelet by AlannaDphoto.com
Lighthouse Trail Ucluelet
Snake Island Nanaimo BC, by AlannaDphoto.com
Snake Island sandstone cliffs
Long Beach by AlannaDphoto.com
Tofino morning fog
Long Beach Macro by AlannaDphoto.com
A close up taking in the Long Beach views big and small
Exploring Botanical Beach Vancouver Island - Alanna D Photography
Sandstone landscape of Botanical Beach with my family
Lighthouse Trail Ucluelet by AlannaDphoto.com
Lighthouse Trail Ucluelet
Mini Tree Frog by Alanna D Photography
The tiny tree frogs of Vancouver Isladn
Botanical Beach Port Renfew - Alanna D Photography
Botanical Beach on the South West Coast
Bald Eagle Fishing in Ucluelet - Alanna D Photography
Taking flight… a good ending from my time in Vancouver

Look for many more Vancouver Island scenic photos to come. and stories about goats and getting dirty.  My photography website is AlannaDphoto.com if you are interested in a photo session on Vancouver Island


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Photographer @ Alanna D Photography, Amateur Interior Designer, Rock Hound, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, Getting-there green thumb gardener, Vintage collector, and soon to be Acreage owner with a beautiful space combining nature + design + travel + gardening and photography all in one

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