Fresh air and a Macro Lens


These past few months are building up to a LOAD of change in every aspect of my life and business.  I have been reading about and spending  a load of time in nature lately, mostly just me alone with my dog, as I try to get a breath through everything we have on the go this year.  Just thinking about it is exhausting and generally nature and looking at the little things is my favourite way to unwind.   Most of the time I don’t actually bring my camera with me, I go to observe the micro organisms, mushrooms, stones, leaves and walk really slowly and might take a few phone photos of things I want to identify later.  Even on vacation when I get tired of the beach chair, I am found poking around in gardens and landscapes looking for little things.

Then comes the other energizing bit of nature, which is actually bringing one of my foraging guides, or my camera and macro lens and starting to really get into the finest details of the tiny nature things and creatures and I just focus, so much so that I often miss the big forest views or distant ocean sights as I am crouched down with a tripod staring at beautiful things just inches ahead.    Breaking out that macro lens is the ultimate moment of appreciating the little things in life (for me), and in general I don’t share most of these images as I am more excited by the big grand landscapes, that i forget to share the little things.


This post is about the little things. Here are a few favourites from past and recent nature wanderings, those little nature and garden moments from all seasons, and surprisingly most of the frost images are from BC, not my years in frozen Northern Alberta.

As always please share or comment on your favourites!

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