Grand Canyon ~ just get in the car and drive (away from Vegas)

Did you know that in just over 2 hours, you can sneak away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip and find yourself in a scenic viewpoint that looks so surreal you would swear it was a green screen in your photo backgrounds?  We knew it was out there but on our third trip to Vegas it was finally time to rent a car for the day and make the trip out to the West Grand Canyon and see what we could find along the way.

~Things to find along the way ~

CACTUS! both really intricately designed by artists, and spikey scary buggers made by nature to jump out at photographers who aren’t paying attention.

Exhibit A & B

Don’t miss the first stop in BOULDER CITY on the way to the Grand Canyon. There is a fabulous artsy little town here with great antique stores, an abundance of public art and artist shops, and a great little brewery which had live music during our visit. And of course, this amazing store below with all sorts of metal arts creations including cactuses.

Oh and of course there’s that other thing that makes Boulder City famous… the Hoover Dam.  Well worth the visit and a tour if you have time, or at least make the stop to enjoy the views.

Once you leave Boulder City, you cross over into Arizona and get to enjoy an exceedingly flat barred dessert highway for a while, with just one minor town that strikingly resembles Radiator Ridge from the Disney Cars Movie…


And a short while after that you end up at the main attraction, or at least the gate.  Grand Canyon West is on the land of the Hualalapi Tribe and they have created a fabulous tourist experience to share this part of the grand canyon with visitors.  The West Grand Canyon tour is your only access to enjoy the canyon from this destination, but it’s well worth it. You get quick easy parking with bus transportation to several stunning lookout sites, and they have included a traditional wild west town for a quick lunch stop before venturing out to enjoy the scenic trails and the Glass Skywalk at the other lookout points, it’s just too bad I couldn’t bring my camera on the skywalk (for safety reason no loose objects are allowed).  We really enjoyed the tour and spent a few hours taking in the sunshine and sights at this location, and as you can see, the photos were totally worth the day trip.


N.B.  Many of these images are available for stock use under licence through and .  I am a contract stock photographer for these agencies, photos cannot be used without permission Thank you!  Alanna D Photography

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