Building Up from A Dream

Cascade Falls

Way back in 2010 I re-discovered my love of photography by purchasing a Canon Rebel camera for our first big vacation, a three week road trip across Australia.  The bargain I made at that time with my husband was that, with this being my second camera purchase since college,  I promised myself and him, that this time I would pursue it full-on and learn everything I could to enjoy my new “toy” and to *hopefully* make a little money as a hobby on the side.

Seven years has gone by and I have enjoyed meeting hundreds of clients since then with the chance to capture great smiles and lasting memories, especially those perfectly detail filled days of love ~ Weddings!

I absolutely LOVE weddings, and all the details of the event and perfection of the day, and my chance to capture it.  Those intimate close ups of eyeshadow, watches and rings, to the beautiful moments, rain or shine, through ceremony and formals right to the reception, all of those picturesque moments just waiting to be turned into living ART to forever adorn your facebook, photo albums, and walls (you did PRINT your wedding photos right?!? Please don’t let them die in a techno fail-hardrive crash 5 years down the road).

I hope that, in a few months, this blog will lead to the announcement of a big change in my Wedding business that we are working on behind the scenes, but for now I’m just sharing.

The wedding event details, delicate and perfect and one thing I am always focused on incorporating into the memories of my client’s big day

Pics N Stones is my new outflow of ideas that I share all the time, with anyone who will listen, but now just a little more formally than on facebook and instagram alone.

FOLLOW Me to enjoy a mix of nature exploring, event detail ideas, photography on the go, home design,  and anything else I come up with that inspires a beautiful setting, a picture perfect day, a wonderful home space, or that ideal local hideaway, gift, or foodie adventure around BC.

Photography is my first passion, but in 7 years it has led to SO much more, and this blog is now showcasing that SO MUCH MORE, away from the doldrums of a facebook albums.

7 Years Later this is DAY 1… the next step, and the next big leap for me.

Climbed a mountain in Whistler at the end of summer and made the decision to climb a bigger one.. a personal one, slowly for the next year taking calculated risks and building a big plan.


aspen art for sale

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Photographer @ Alanna D Photography, Amateur Interior Designer, Rock Hound, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, Getting-there green thumb gardener, Vintage collector, and soon to be Acreage owner with a beautiful space combining nature + design + travel + gardening and photography all in one

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